Being a good man didn't fix things, but affliction would not have the final word. Through the prayers of thousands, countless treatments and the healing hand of God, hope renewed; hope conquered doubt. 


Attitude is important. With a foundation of faith, Dale learned to trust his doctors. He learned to walk into the chemo room with a smile on his face. Attitude influences mindset and mindset contributes to outcome. Once a big strong man, Dale discovered his strength alone was not enough. His reliance on God's Spirit renewed his mind and attitude daily. 


Hope Helps

Dale found hope continually renewed by giving himself away. The Hope and Help Ministry was born with the idea to give away a Cancer Patient Resource Kit.  In addition to the kit, the ministry now has multifaceted outreach including Dale's book, speaking engagements, and more.


No more injections, no more treatments, no more pain. Delivered from affliction, Dale's purpose now is to bring hope and help to those afflicted with a cancer diagnosis. The battle can be won, the finish can be strong. Engaging people through his newsletter, recovery kit distribution, speaking and book, he brings hope and help to people of all ages everywhere.