Non-hodgkin's lymphoma grade four and an incurable brain virus invaded the life a good man, Dale Morrison. In a six year moment in time, he battled, winning, losing, repeating. Between his battles Dale's two year old granddaughter developed a brain cancer. Only three years earlier, Dale lost his mother to cancer.  Being a good man couldn't fix things.


40 major tumors in Dale's body and the cancer was also in his bone marrow (left). The tumors are so bad they completely obscure his spine. Three months later, no tumors (right). 

PML Virus

Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML) is a rare and usually fatal viral disease characterized by progressive damage of the brain at multiple locations.

Raw Pain

Chemotherapy, CHOP programs, spinal taps, and a chest port inserted under his left collarbone were painful. The screws of a biopsy halo worse. Bone marrow transplant beyond comparison.