Dale's miracles prepared him to minister hope to those in affliction and those who will yet face it. He brings the empathy of one who has suffered greatly to his listeners. Yet his doctors are amazed, finding his healing unheard of. 

Dale credits the combination of his doctors' best care and the power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead as granting him a cancer free brain virus free life today. 

Inviting Dale to your church or ministry is inviting a empathetic straight talking minister whose passion is bringing people to places of encouragement, health and salvation through Jesus. To inquire about him meeting with your group, simply fill out the form below.


Dale is a coach at heart, delivering matter of fact motivational experiences to his audiences. An excellent story teller, he pulls no punches, encouraging and challenges listeners. His story is one of extreme trial and adversity, predecessors to great victory. 

The end game is to engage and activate every listener to fight through their own adversity to attain the victory that awaits the steadfast. Dale looks forward to motivating your team, organization or company with his authentic style and passionate presence. 

To inquire about Dale meeting with your organization, simply fill out the form below.

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